Why Join ATS NZ

Why Join ATSNZ?

  • To safeguard your business and your livelihood
  • To directly influence policies that impact significantly on your business
  • To help shape the future of our industry
  • To improve the standards of education and training of therapists, prescribers and funders
  • To benefit from being a part of the ATS-NZ business network
  • To receive generous members discounts on space at the ATS-NZ exhibitions

How do we join?

Simply complete the membership form and scan and send to:  membership@atsnz.org.nz

Your application will be reviewed by the ATS NZ committee and if successful an invoice will be forwarded to you for your company’s membership fees.  Membership is for a minimum of 12 months.

Download form here

What does it cost?

Membership fees are structured so that all businesses can participate affordably as members of ATS NZ within simply defined membership categories.  Membership fees are invoiced quarterly and payment by monthly direct debit is also available upon request.

Tier 1 $1500.00 per quarter:

Companies with 21 or more employees in New Zealand

Tier 2  $900.00 per quarter:

Companies with 11-20 employees in New Zealand

Teir 3  $450.00 per quarter:

Companies with 4-10 employees in New Zealand

Tier 4  $150.00 per quarter:

Companies with less than 4 employees in New Zealand