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about us.

Advance the public interest in the provision of Assistive Technology, that contributes and supports New Zealanders through funding and promotion.

To give the Assistive Technology industry a voice.

To improve the quality of equipment provision and develop alliances with all industry stakeholders.

What does it cost to join?

Tier 1

$6000 per annum

Companies with 21 or more employees in NZ

Tier 2

$3600 per annum

Companies with 11-20 employees in NZ

Tier 3

$1800 per annum

Companies with 4-10 employees in NZ

Tier 4

$600 per annum

Companies with less than 4 employees in NZ

International Membership

$2500 per annum

Global manufacturers with 5 or less people working in the Assistive Technology sector in New Zealand. (This membership category does not have voting rights).

Affiliate Membership

Choose appropriate tier 1-4 for cost per annum

A person or company who does not wish to be or is not eligible to be a member but who has an interest in the purpose of the Society may apply to the committee for involvement in the Society as an Affiliate.