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Our Objectives

Advance the public interest in the provision of Assistive Technology, that contributes and supports New Zealanders through the funding and promotion of;

  • AT research
  • education
  • AT supply “best practice”
  • Community accessible AT events

To give the Assistive Technology industry a voice that;

  • Provides positive influence on Government policy through a representative and unified approach
  • Educates Government and other stakeholders about the Assistive Technology industry
  • Promotes a robust competitive and commercially viable marketplace
  • Advocates on behalf of suppliers to achieve excellence, quality, value and positive outcomes for suppliers, AT consumers, stakeholders and the broader community
  • Works with Government at all levels to ensure the longevity of the AT industry and to deliver quality and value in AT solutions for people with a disability, older persons, carer’s and funding bodies

To improve the quality of equipment provision by;

  • Supporting the ongoing training and education of healthcare professionals
  • Promoting ethical business practices that safe guard the interests of consumers of AT
  • Participating in the development of appropriate and cost- effective product standards
  • Maintain and enhance service standards, quality and reputation of the society for the collective mutual benefit and interests of members and the broader community

To develop alliances with all industry stakeholders to;

  • Drive continued improvement in outcomes for AT consumers
  • Minimise the total lifetime costs of AT equipment on society and AT consumers
  • Ensure an open, fair and competitive market
  • Promote the services, activities and events of the society for commercial, government, public recognition and benefits

ATSNZ Objectives are defined in the ATSNZ Constitution.