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ATSNZ welcomes you to the Product Education Day

Supporting inclusion and independence with ATSNZ’s latest exhibition of aids, equipment and allied services. On display will be the latest in aids, equipment and assistive technology. The exhibition is a unique opportunity for clinical specialists to touch, learn and interact with the latest technology from a range of disability equipment providers and meet with suppliers. The event is open to all allied health professionals as well as visitors of all… Read More »ATSNZ welcomes you to the Product Education Day


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Are Assistive Technology Suppliers an Essential Service?

Are Assistive Technology Suppliers an Essential Service? ATSNZ has consulted with the Ministry of Health (via the Deputy Director General of Disability Adri Isbister), Accessable (via the CEO Graham Walling and the procurement manager Richard Parker) and Enable (via the acting CEO Greg Brogden and the procurement manager Gavin Eades) to establish whether Assistive Technology suppliers are deemed providers of essential services under the COVID-19 approach to contain the infectious… Read More »Are Assistive Technology Suppliers an Essential Service?

Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support Covid-19 has placed us all in unfamiliar territory with both our society norms and our economic fabric changing rapidily.  Things that have been familiar and ‘safe’ are profoundly changed and are impacting people in ways that we could not have imagined a few months ago.  Sadly this can make some people feel like they have little control over what is happening bringing out feelings of being afraid,… Read More »Mental Health Support

Financial Support for Businesses

Financial Support for Businesses There are 2 payments available to support employers affected by COVID-19; a Wage Subsidy and the Essential Workers Leave Support. The COVID-19 Wage Subsidy is to support your business if you’re impacted by COVID-19, and face laying off staff or reducing hours. The COVID-19 Essential Workers Leave Support is available for essential businesses to pay their employees who: can’t come into work because Ministry of Health… Read More »Financial Support for Businesses